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DF-09 900W mini haze machine
Detail Info
DF-09 900W mini haze machine, the machine uses a new heating technology (detachable cleaning), equipped with timing and quantitative, remote control, so that the operation is more convenient, the new fog heating technology greatly reduces the machine clogging situation, the detachable design is more conducive to the heating core repeated circulation.

Product parameters:
Model number: DF-09 mini fog machine
Work rate: 900W
Control method: LCD control panel, DMX512, wireless remote control
Warm-up time: Preheat for 1 minute for the first time, and then continue to smoke
Oil bottle capacity: 2 liters
Fuel consumption (100% output): One liter of fuel every 6 hours
Smoke volume: 50000cu.ft/Min
Electricity voltage: AC220V~240V 50/60Hz
Weight: 5 kg
Ruler inch: 270*220*200mm
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