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DF-18 3500W vertical LED smoke machine
Detail Info
DF-18 3500W vertical LED smoke machine, using double pipe double pump oil supply structure, built-in pressurized storage cylinder, so that it can eject a large amount of smoke, strong instantaneous outbreak force, longer range.The machine has the function of immediate stop, equipped with 18pcs 10W RGB LED lamp bead,Cooperate with our special fast vanish smoke liquid, the effect is better.This machine is suitable for bars, theatres, performance places.

Product parameters:
Model No.: DF-18 Speed Jet Column Hood
Power rate: 3500W
Control method: LCD control panel, DMX512, wireless remote control
Warm-up time: 5 minutes
Oil bottle capacity: 5 liters
Fuel consumption (100% output): 2 liters/hour
Smoke volume: 30000cu.ft/Min
Electricity voltage: AC220V~240V 50/60Hz
Weight: 18 kg
Ruler inch: 500*340*285mm
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