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2009 China Top Ten selection of audio and lighting industry, the awards list

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    Top Ten Nation:

    PR light Pearl River, Rui Feng LAX, beta Strip, PHD, CREATOR fast, Taipower, JTS, win electronics, audio and Wang, Lei Shi KTV

    Ten Overseas:

    MARTIN Mary Field, SHURE, Martin, C-MARK, U.S. PAS, EV, JBL, Pioneer, TOA, beyerdynamic

    Professional Audio:

    PHD, JBL, Nexo, RCF, Baolong, the United States TSG, dB Technologies, RVS, Real, Sir Dragon

    Amplifier and the surrounding:

    PAL, Crown amplifiers, Yamaha YAMAHA, European maps, sound accurate, Oda audio, digisynthetic, think the United States, Germany and telecommunications, the United States set up

    KTV equipment:

    Hai Mei, satellite network, as easily, Devil, bit long, the first song, three fine, cool music Di, K-LEM Godline, deneb Royal Road, Sebring, Diamond Audio

    Conference and microphone:

    BBS, 797, Haitian HTDZ, safely electronic Arttoo, the upper electronic, Olson, Raymond E, Bardl Bai special, state of China Electronics, OWI Australian Music

    Public Broadcasting:

    DSPPA (DSPPA), ITC, ABK (Ou Bike), T-KOKOPA million Shengda, CENTRE (CLP), in the hearing, CEOPA West Pine, AEBELL, bgm (flag wins appliances), Tin Ma

    Lighting lighting control:

    HDL, ACME, LIGHTSKY Follett, Siao Te, blue sky, creating Yi lighting, bigdipper large general laser, MLB (Malan Po), the new S & P, Lei Yu laser

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