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Unified communications solutions from concept to the analysis and application

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    I now have to think about what is generally used means of communication, mobile phones, including: SMS, voice. Network client, including: QQ, MSN, flying in autumn. Another Internet-based communication: a remote video communication, Email, etc., more complex, more diverse means of communication appear in our lives and use. So, how to find a unified platform, these elements are included in? Unified communications solutions that give you more ideas!

    What is unified communications divergent views?

    What is the Unified Communications: Unified Communications (referred to as the UC that UnifiedCommunications) refers to computer technology and traditional communications technology that blends the new communication mode, as a solution and applications, the core content is: let people regardless of any time, any location, are available through any device, any network, access to data, images and sound free communication. In other words, unified communications solutions for voice, fax, email, mobile short message, multimedia and data types of all information into one, so as to bring the freedom of choice and efficiency improvement. (Eg, traditional telephone will be replaced in order to support screen-based soft phone client software.) It is distinguished from the network level interoperability, but the level of people-oriented application integration and collaboration, a higher level concept of a new generation of communications and IT industry.

    Manufacturer explained:

    For the explanation there are several unified communications from the manufacturers claim.

    Cisco: Unified Communications to further develop the concept of IP communications, by using the SIP protocol (SessionInitiationProtocol) and including the mobile solutions, and truly realize the harmonization and simplification of various types of communications - regardless of location, time or equipment affected. Through unified communications solutions, users can communicate with each other at any time according to preferences, and use any device to communicate through any media. Unified Communications will be our usual number of phones and devices - as well as multiple networks (fixed, Internet, cable, satellite, mobile) - combined together to achieve independence in the location of the communication, and promote the integration of communications and business processes, simplifying run and increase productivity and profits.

    Microsoft: the traditional communication system will transmit the information to several different types of stores - voice mail system, e-mail servers, and stand-alone fax machine to run - by Exchange unified messaging capabilities, various types of messages are stored in the unified systems. For example, voice-mail messages sent directly into your inbox. When you open Outlook, you can see next to the voice mail message, thus providing a powerful new ways to collaborate more effectively. For example, you can forward voice mail or fax. Can even record a voice mail message in the notes, or search the past, voice mail messages. Message will not block your screen! So, I will not cite here, but in general can be understood as the means of communication for a variety of integration, people-oriented, that even that pass, that pass that are, reduce costs improve the efficiency of its greatest strengths.

    Unified Communications Solutions

    Unified Communications is currently the major players in general are: Cisco (CISCO), Microsoft, AVAYA, Nortel, IZO, WebEx that several other, they are mainstream international provider of unified communications solutions, many business users are using them products, which for the enterprises in terms of efficiency and cost savings provided a lot of help.

    I found a number of unified communications solutions on the information, we generally look below.

    1 Video Conference: Video Conference for the user to build a worldwide network of multimedia conferencing platform, will you and your customers, working partners from the time, place restrictions on freed. Via the Internet, regardless of when and where the parties can easily "face to face" real-time communication, to provide you with an affordable web conference center.

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