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China LED Street Light Technology Development Status and Problems.

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    Countries to actively promote the implementation of energy saving projects, especially for business opportunities in China, a huge LED lamp LED lamp manufacturers have been seriously affected. Street lighting is an important part of the city, often used the traditional high pressure sodium lamps, high pressure sodium lamp shortcomings of low overall polishing efficiency caused a huge waste of energy, therefore, the development of new high efficiency, energy saving, long life, high CRI, environmental protection street lamps lighting the city with a very important energy conservation.

    Characteristics of today's LED lights:

    High-power LED street lamp with conventional high pressure sodium lights different is that high-power LED street lamp light source with low voltage DC power supply, the power-type GaN-based blue LED and yellow phosphor and efficient synthesis of white diodes, light emitting diodes (Light Emitting Diode, abbreviated as LED) is based on the semiconductor PN junction formed in the weak light of the high power solid-state light sources can, to a certain forward bias voltage and injection current, the injection hole and the P region into N areas in the proliferation of electronic active zone to be issued by the radiative recombination photons of light energy directly into electrical energy.

    LED street lamp as light source, comparing it with conventional street light has many advantages.

    1, LED street light, point of itself, does not diffuse light, to ensure that light effect;

    2, LED lights have a unique secondary optical design, LED lighting, street lamp light shines on the area required, that the road to further improve the light efficiency, save energy;

    3, LED light source efficiency of the current has reached 100lm / W, but there is still much room for development, the theoretical &#118alue can reach 250lm / W. The luminous efficiency of high-pressure sodium lamp with the power increase is only increased, therefore, the overall light efficiency stronger than the high pressure sodium lamp LED lamps;

    4, LED street light color than the high-pressure sodium lamp high pressure sodium lamp color rendering index of only 23, while the LED lights color rendering index can reach 75 or more, from the visual psychological point of view, to achieve the same brightness, LED street lamp illumination average of 20% lower than the high-pressure sodium lamp above (with reference to the British road lighting standards); and, in the middle of the visual level, the human eye than in the high color temperature environments with low color temperature is easier to identify things in the environment, to avoid the occurrence of certain dangerous state;

    5, LED street lamp light is small, one-year decline of less than 3% of light, the use of 10 years still to road illumination requirement, therefore, LED street lamp design in the use of power can be lower than the high-pressure sodium lamp;

    6, LED lights can be automatically dimming, can achieve to meet the lighting requirements at different times, the maximum possible reduction in power and save energy;

    7, LED is a low voltage DC devices, driving voltage single LED voltage for safety, so it is a more secure than the use of high voltage power supply, especially for public places. DC particularly suitable for the characteristics of the LED and solar energy, wind power to combine;

    8, each unit is only a very small grain size of LED, it can be prepared into various forms of devices, and suitable for volatile and easy to shock the environment;

    9, long life: life expectancy theory can be used more than 50,000 hours;

    10, LED can switch frequently and not worry about the damage;

    11, easy to install: LED street lamp directly replace the original installed in the sodium lamp poles

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